Youth Services Coordinator-AmeriCorps

Job Description

Overview: The Youth Coordinator Americorps Member will be responsible for managing and supporting youth programs and services in specific areas in the Northern California Coastal Region. The Youth Americorps Member will develop and implement Red Cross youth programs in their assigned areas, as well as maintain existing youth clubs and committees. The Youth Services Americorps Member will also provide training and direct supervision for youth projects including general youth meetings, Youth Executive-Board meetings, club visits, and trainings in overall support of these new and existing volunteers.

Main Functions: This role has three primary focuses: recruiting new volunteers to the American Red Cross, supporting youth programs, and providing outreach and education to local communities.

This is an Americorps opportunity - this 10.5 months position will get a $15,000 living stipend paid evenly across the service term, and a $5,750 education award upon successful completion of the program.

Job Type: Full-time


Bachelor's (Preferred)