IT Operations Manager

Job Description

Job Overview

Cloud Security Alliance is hiring a Cloud IT Operations Manager. This role will be responsible for ensuring services function as intended for users (both internal and external). This will include setting up and maintaining service to service integrations, troubleshooting services issues and gathering and presenting data to enable data driven decision making. This role will work closely with the support and development teams and reports directly to the Technology Director. As CSA is a security focused organization, all duties shall be performed with security as a consideration.

Desired Skills

Candidates should be have experience with the following vendors and be competent in the following skill areas (and be prepared to quickly learn about those they are not acquainted with):

Adding/removing users, setting up licenses/services/integration for the following:

  1. Core services:

    1. CloudFlare (DNS, Page Rules)

    2. Google worksuite (Basic accounts, drive setup, Email and Groups)

    3. Microsoft365 (Basic accounts, drive setup)

    4. JIRA Atlassian and Confluence (Basic accounts, board setup, inbound email integration)

    5. GitHub (Basic accounts, dev handles the integrations mostly)

    6. Heroku (Basic accounts, dev handles the integrations/day to day)

    7. 1Password (Basic accounts)

    8. ZenDesk (Basic accounts, setup)

    9. Mailgun / Sendgrid (Basic accounts, integration with DNS/etc)

    10. Higher Logic (troubleshooting, coordinating with vendor)

  2. Secondary services:

    1. PowerDMARC (basic setup and monitoring)

    2. Google Analytics (basic setup and monitoring)

    3. AWS (Basic accounts, EC2/S3/CloudFront)

    4. Slack (Troubleshooting, integrations)

    5. CloudAlly (Basic setup, monitoring)

    6. Auth0 (Basic setup, dev mostly handles the integrations)

    7. ZoHo (Basic accounts, setup of services)

    8. (Basic accounts, URL setup)

    9. Adobe (Basic accounts)

    10. Calendly (Basic accounts)

    11. Grammarly (Basic accounts)

  3. Traditional IT tasks:

    1. Linux (usually Ubuntu) running various things for dev/testing, e.g. Wordpress or Moodle

    2. Ubiquiti WiFi setup and management (one location, remote access)

    3. Python GAM (Google Account Manager) used to backup and manipulate Google data

    4. Various backup scripts (CloudFlare, Google, AWS S3 buckets, GitHub)

Standards / Protocols / Languages you will need to know or learn:

  1. DNS (Registration, records management, backups)

  2. SMTP (Setup of cloud services)

    1. SPF

    2. DKIM

    3. DMARC

    4. BIMI

    5. Spam management

    6. spam testing

  3. HTTPS/HSTS (ensuring we're 100% HTTPS, we're preloaded)

    1. Preload HSTS ( )

    2. Secure HTTPS settings for both services we offer and use

  4. Shell scripting

    1. E.g. using Python GAM / CloudFlare command line / AWS command line

  5. Python (good to know)

  6. 2FA/MFA setup and enforcement with various services/providers

Processes/skills you will need to be familiar with or learn:

  1. Project management

  2. Change control, logging changes

  3. Troubleshooting (e.g. change one thing at a time and test)

  4. Learning/using google to learn new things on the fly, figuring out admin interfaces that keep changing/adding new things

Example Tasks
  1. Create JSON-LD data for an event and embed into a cvent web page, possibly using CloudFlare page rules/worker if cvent doesn't support this. Googling JSON-LD/events/cvent/etc. Figuring out a permanent way to support more JSON-LD for events, especially around CSA chapters events

  2. Fixing inbound email handling for Zendesk/JIRA, prepending subject lines, creating improved routing rules/triggers. Googling Zendesk views/triggers, JIRA inbound configurations

  3. On the Higher Logic platform, figure out how to more effectively deal with spam, enable moderate first content and then figure out how to notify people when there is content in the moderation queue by googling Higher Logic platform functionality.

  4. Figure out why cloud recording isn't working for a user in Microsoft Teams (google policies/settings and determine if it is a licensing issue with Exploratory ? Web based issue? Config issue in policies? We're still not sure).

Scope of Responsibilities
  • Must be highly motivated and able to function independently

  • Must be able to work on tight deadlines

  • Must have strong analytical skills and be details oriented

  • Experience in managing virtual communities is a plus

  • Excellent interpersonal, writing, communication, and organizational skills are required

  • Experience 5+ years' experience in areas relevant to the role

  • Working experience in the cloud security field is a plus

  • Education: Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related field is preferred but not required

  • Being familiar with Cloud Security Alliance and its work is a plus


  • Competitive Base Salary and Work-life Balance

  • Medical, Dental and Vision

  • 401K

  • Professional Growth and Development Opportunities

  • Expense Support for home office and equipment

  • Remote work from home, some core hours expected but flexible