Closing Director

Job Description

Closing Director

(Overall) (Hybrid operational and non-operational role)

Key Roles:

Implementer of the Vision, Mission, and Strategy as stated by Operator

Protector of the CFA Brand

Care for the Customer

Care for the Team

Care for the Community

Core Competencies:

Initiative Coach Communication Relatable Motivates Decision Making Problem Solving Judgement Situational Awareness Proactive

General Requirements:

  • Full-Time (2pm - close)
  • Minimum of 2 years Management/Leadership Experience
  • ServSafe Manager Certified
  • Able to prioritize service and food safety
  • Proven character references

Pay and Benefits:

  • $19-$22/hour
  • $400 towards Chick-fil-A health insurance per month
  • $25 towards Chick-fil-A life insurance per month
  • IRA retirement plan with matching
  • Free college tuition
  • 5 days paid time off
  • 2 paid personal days