Chief Writer and Editor for Research and Publishing Firm

Job Description

Interested in crafting the future voice of a renowned research and publishing firm?

Lifecycle Insights is hiring a full-time writer and editor to take a leading role in our research and publication process. Successful candidates will analyze past publications, assimilate our structures and style, assess the needs of new projects, and work with our analysts to develop research reports, white papers, briefs, eBooks, blog posts, and more.

The remote, salaried role comes with a range of benefits, including insurance, a 401(k) savings program, and more.

Interviews for the position will start the week of June 27th, 2022.

Role and Responsibilities

Lead the establishment of repeatable, timely processes and clear, consistent standards to develop publications.

Lead development process, acting as copywriter and copy editor, collaboratively with our project manager, analyst, and contractors to develop publications consistent with the company's standards while delivering on time to the client.

  • Determine the best structure of each individual publication based on subject-matter input from the analyst and consistency with past publications.
  • Participate in the review of content structure with clients, making adjustments as necessary and raising concerns when client requests conflict with our standards.
  • Develop publications that are technically credible and authoritative with our target audience.
  • Develop publications that speak to a business executive's issues in their language.
  • Develop publications with a tone and style that is consistent with past publications, our style guides, and our terminology lexicon.
  • Schedule and conduct interviews with analysts as necessary to develop copy.

Lead the continued analysis and improvement of the company's content development processes

  • Refine our development process to minimize the analyst's workload while ensuring the content complies with company standards.
  • Assess, triage, manage, and execute other improvement initiatives related to the development of copy.


  • Be an assertive self-starter and problem solver. Look to resolve and move things forward in order to fulfill responsibilities. Pull in any others, including the Chief Analyst, needed to accomplish that.
  • Take ownership and responsibility for your domain. Make sure to clearly understand your responsibilities and how success is being measured. 
  • Communicate proactively. If there is an issue, reach out and let other relevant roles know what is going on and the plan to address the issue. If you need assistance, be proactive in your requests.
  • Become aware of how we've done things so far. We have a lot of existing processes that we can execute to get things done. Lean into that and leverage those processes.
  • Be positive and respectful in your outlook.

Requisite Knowledge and Skills

Successful candidates exhibit the following knowledge and skills.

  • Experience writing and publishing copy for research reports, white papers, briefs, eBooks, blog posts, other web content, and more.
  • Ability to meet tight deadlines while consistently producing high-quality content
  • Strong working knowledge of online content strategy and SEO principles
  • Ability to learn fast when it comes to tech-led initiatives, the value proposition of technology solutions, and design in discrete manufacturing industries.

The following would be beneficial to the role but are not required. We can get you up to speed.

  • Strong familiarity with technology-led initiatives pursued by product development executives. Examples include digital transformation, simulation-driven design, model-based definitions, digital twins, and other related efforts.
  • Strong familiarity with the capabilities and value proposition of technologies that enable technology-led initiatives. Examples include generative design, additive manufacturing, designer-accessible analysis tools, mechanical CAD, electrical CAD, EDA, PLM, ALM, and more.
  • Familiarity with discrete manufacturing industries, including automotive, aerospace and defense, industrial equipment and heavy machinery, medical devices, consumer products, and consumer electronics.

Applicable Experience

  • 5+ years of professional writing and editing experience.
  • Bachelor's degree in Marketing, English, Journalism, or a related field preferred.
  • Work experience at a software solution provider in the PLM, ALM, or related field.

What We Do

Technology-led engineering initiatives offer great promise, empowering design teams to develop better products on shorter schedules with fewer resources. Yet, done incorrectly, such efforts can actually be disruptive. Learning curves, new processes, and cultural pushback can undermine productivity. Lifecycle Insights digitally publishes research, educational, and advisory insights on technology-led engineering initiatives. Armed with these insights, executives make better investment and adoption decisions. That allows the organization to reap more value from technology-led engineering initiatives in less time, with more surety, and less disruption.