Chick-fil-A Front of House Manager ($19-21/hr)

Job Description

The Front of House (FOH) Manager is responsible for:

Delivering crave-able food, in a timely manner, that meets or exceeds Chick-fil-A Quality Requirements

Becoming proficient in all FOH operations

Cash accountability

Coaching the behaviors of FOH Captains and Team Members

Developing leaders in such a way that they are operating as a motivated, high-performance team that embodies the vision of the business, through goal-setting and regular performance feedback

Approve shift changes among Team Members

Ensure that FOH Team Members and Captains find appropriate coverage for call-offs and no shows

Monitor actions that do not meet CFA standards and execute accountability documentation for Team Members and Captains who fail to meet expectations

Work up to 40 hours per week. 

The FOH Manager will be able to demonstrate these characteristics in a working environment:

Love: A passion to serve and care for others

Joy: A contagious spirit of happiness

Peace: Inner calmness while under pressure

Patience: Waiting with grace

Kindness: Show care by being genuine, proactive and personal with others

Goodness: Always doing what is right

Faithfulness: Always do the next best step

Gentleness: Be approachable by others

Self-Control: Advocate for your goals while controlling your ego

Team Values


We grow to be the best version of ourselves 

We give our best effort in everything we do 

We build on a vision that being your best requires hard work


We work together to get more done and have more fun 

We talk to each other and not about each other 

We treat each other with respect while supporting and encouraging each other


We take action because it demonstrates we care about each other and about our guests 

We do what is necessary, not what is easy

Our Promise


We are not perfect, but we will PURSUE perfection 

We develop skills


We celebrate progress and Team Member development 

We praise others generously


We give to our local schools and community 

We provide life balance by being closed on Sundays 

We do what we say, including great pay, scholarships and retirement planning

 Chick-fil-A 101 & Telephone in Ventura is a local small business. We provide equal employment opportunity and comply with all Federal, State and Local laws.